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Math Mechs vs. Monsters

Project: Various Projects

Client: Math Mechs vs. Monsters

Creative Director/Designer: Chady Lakkis

Worked as Creative Director and Design Lead to establish the story and approach for the math based game pitting robots against monsters. Conducted research on common core math principals and conceptualized all characters and interface elements.


Primary Brand Logo


Game Interface


Bazooka Bay is one of three battle-ready Math Mechs in the Base of Calculations on planet Numbertron. Standing at just under 25 feet tall, this mechanical marvel is fully equipped with eye-blasters and rotating rapid-recoil reach extenders.

image-asset (2).jpeg

Tally-Saurus is a number-crunching prehistoric predator that enjoys counting things almost as much as eating them. Beware, its brain is fast but its bite is faster. Stay sharp and play smart to avoid disaster.

image-asset (1).jpeg

Mathdusa is a mean math-infused serpent queen. She's got eyes of peril for skin and bone and with just one look she'll render you stone. Know that her curse is real, we tell no fables, so shield yourself and turn the tables!

Game Character Animations

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