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As my Senior Art Director at Reset, Chady consistently demonstrated exceptional proficiency in design languages, producing visually impactful experiences across various styles and mediums. His clear communication skills facilitated seamless collaboration, ensuring alignment among teams, stakeholders, and clients. Chady's thoughtful and innovative approach to creative problem-solving led to inventive solutions, raising the standard of our creative endeavors. Additionally, his ability to manage up and provide constructive feedback was invaluable in fostering a collaborative work environment. Overall, Chady's dedication to excellence and remarkable leadership make him an ideal candidate for any creative leadership role.

Johnny Ciotti

Global Creative Director


I worked with Chady during my time as art director for HEYDUDE shoes.  He is one of the best digital designers I have had the pleasure to work with.  His eye for detail is fantastic, he is super engaging and collaborative on every project whether it be an email layout or a complex animation.  Our social media expressions made a huge impact for the brand thanks to Chady.  I really hope we can work together in the future

Darren Johnson
Art Director


Chady is very creative and has a refined design and illustration style.  His ability to concept new design direction based on a business need are well within the needs of any in house design group.  He was a valuable part of the team at Bose.

John Choquette
Senior Interactive Designer

Bose Corporation

Chady is an excellent UI designer with an eye for the minutest detail and he's a lot of fun to work with.  His prototype design for our CSR product was complete in every sense including aesthetics and that has been his mark here.  I'd recommend him for any high level or detail UI design for any project.

Kartik Eswaran

Manager, Data & Analytics

Aclara Technologies

Chady brought a fresh, out-of-the-box approach to the design team.  In spite of his desire to create more innovative solutions, he was also highly organized in terms of how he worked with others to produce the final product.  He was vocal contributor to process discussions and was very hands on in making his ideas come to fruition.

Stephen Krysko
Agile Coach & Program Manager
Bose Corporation

Chady is an exceptionally creative individual with a passion and enthusiasm for solving communications challenges through design.  From logo development, website optimization/editing, to online and email marketing, Chady exceeded expectations and delighted clients.

St.Jon Clark
Online Communications Director
Bose Corporation

Chady is a creative powerhouse.  When everyone else is out of ideas, Chady has ideas that are fresh and fun.  Better yet, he can conceptualize and illustrate them better than anyone I know.  He is the reason I joined the RipTen team, and I am forever better because of his influence.

Dave Oshry

New Blood Interactive

The world is full of individuals who have an abundance of ambition yet lack the necessary drive to turn that ambition into something meaningful.  Chad isn't one of those people.  Chad is the sort of person who would contact me in the middle of the night with some bold new idea for RipTen and then I would wake up the next morning to see that he's not only put the plan into motion but he's already made considerable progress on it.  Chad is brimming with ideas, like so many are, but he possesses the enthusiasm necessary to carry them out.

Dylan Duarte

Staff Writer


Chady Lakkis is the extraordinarily hard-working and talented Founder and Executive Editor of RipTen, a site he started himself.  RipTen has already begun to make waves in the game journalism field because of Chady's personal networking skills.  I know that Chady puts in long hours to see his website succeed, and he is also able to work with lots of different kinds of people to make RipTen run efficiently.

Andrew Podolsky

Managing Editor


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