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Extreme Photobombing of a Girl Dad

Hi, I'm Chady

I'm an art director, senior designer and illustrator located in Salem, Massachusetts. Most of my days are spent reading briefs, sketching out ideas, pitching concepts, creating thoughtful design solutions and occasionally turning glue, washing detergent and shaving cream into slime with the assistance of my two daughters.


Raised in an entrepreneurial family, I gave my first marketing pitch to my parents at age 11 and befriended the majority of independent business owners in my small town by age 14.

I've bagged pita bread in my parent's bakery, drawn caricatures on the boardwalk, shaped user experience within the walls of hungry startups, spearheaded marketing efforts for large corporations, managed a recording artist, built an independent video game blog from the ground up that became one of the top 20,000 sites in the US and sculpted a 9 foot alligator couch that's downright despicable. 


If you are in need of a creative individual who has dabbled in nearly every aspect of the industry then I would love to hear from you!

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