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Mermaid Hair Salon

Project: Branding and Home Page Concept

Client: Yelling Mule

Designer: Chady Lakkis

This is a conceptual project being created for Yelling Mule as a part of my interview process. 

Hello Nicki,

The website and brand that I decided to tackle for this project is a local hair salon that is run by my friend's wife out of Beverly Massachusetts called "Mermaid Hair Salon." She utilizes Facebook and Instagram as far as social media goes but she doesn't presently have a full functioning website and instead directs customers to a booking platform called "Mangomint." I hope this is still a valid exercise for you to review as I am comparing what they have for an existing logo and online presence as a whole and trying to improve upon it. The current logo is clipart based and the booking tool they are using as their primary site lacks any brand presence so there is a lot of room for improvement.

Thank you for your time and consideration!

Chady Lakkis


Existing Logo/Mark for Mermaid Hair Salon


Existing Instagram Page for Mermaid Hair Salon


Existing Facebook Page for Mermaiid Hair Salon


Existing Client Booking Tool for Mermaid Hair Salon

Sketches of New Logo Concept for Mermaid Hair Salon


New Brand Mark Concept for Mermaid Hair Salon


New Logo Concept for Mermaid Hair Salon


New Home Page Concept (Desktop View) for Mermaid Hair Salon


New Home Page Concept (Mobile View) for Mermaid Hair Salon

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